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Ceramics processing

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For many years Tex Automation has been developing successful solutions for applications useful for ceramic processing such as manipulators, palletisers, screen printing, machines for the production of mosaics, sanders, glazing machines, CNC machining on sanitary ware.

All the models of the Power family have been used in ceramic processing and are selected from time to time based on the general complexity of the application, the number of axes to be controlled and the type of the required I/O.

Recommended Numeric Controls

When greater performance and high processing speeds are needed, the use of Power D+ is recommended, as in the case of mosaic production machines, in which it is necessary to manage very fast digital outputs to control the gluing actuators.

Specific ceramic processing functions:

  • Fast processing speeds
  • Fast digital outputs

Mosaic Machine

Grinding – Glazing

Handling systems

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