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The great flexibility and modularity of the Power family allows its use in various types of machines in the field of metalworking, in particular those for milling, turning, drilling, cutting, deburring, tapping, bending, grinding, engraving, punching and slotting.

2D and 3D thermal cutting

Within metalworking, thermal cutting covers an important part of the processes. Thanks to the performance and functions specifically designed for this type of machine, Tex Automation’s Power controllers make it possible to obtain precision and reliability in the management of thermal cutting with plasma, oxyfuel and laser cutting systems.

Recommended Numeric Controls

For simple machines, such as linear cutting, punching, bar feeders, drilling/tapping, controllers such as Power B, Power U and Power I are suitable, while for more complex machines, such as machining centres, lathes, grinding machines, etc. , Power I, Power D and Power A are indicated.

Specific metal working functions:

  • G-code interpreter
  • Open and fully customizable command library
  • Tool correction
  • Engraving and Emptying cycles
  • Rototranslation of the axes
  • Possibility of creating macros to build complex geometric profiles
  • Jerk that may be changed in every different phases of the motion
  • Sixth degree polynomial for RTCP head compensation
  • Non-standard kinematics
  • THC (Torch Height Control) which implies the management of the axes also from PLC

Milling machines

Turning machines

Drilling machines

Tapping machines

Gear cutting machines

Grinding machines

Deburring machine

Engraving machines

Punching machines

Press brakes

Sharpening machines

Sawing machines

Laser cutting

Oxy cutting

Plasma cutting


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