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The world of packaging includes a huge variety of applications characterized by multiple degrees of complexity and wide differences in performance. For this reason, the Power family controllers, thanks to their scalability in costs and performance and their programming flexibility, are widely used both in the die-cutting, case-packing and wrapping machines segment, as well as in the cutting and packaging of sausages and cheeses.

Recommended Numeric Controls

In packaging, the Power A, Power D+ and Power I numerical controls are used when high performance and 500 µS axis sampling times are required, while Power I and Power B are preferred in almost all other applications.

Specific packaging functions:

  • Gearing and camming commands
  • Fast digital inputs and outputs
  • Some special G-code functions
  • Additive gearing functions for flying shear and rotary printing
  • Fast 14-bit analog inputs
  • Advanced HMI functionality


Blistering machines


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