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Woodworking requires easy-to-use machinery, able to best enhance the yield of the material, above all thanks to the immediate interaction with the operator. In this sector Tex Automation offers reliable and powerful systems, suitable for carrying out different types of processes such as: cutting, drilling, milling for anube, engraving, belt and sanding.

Recommended Numeric Controls

In machining centres, where it is often necessary to execute several machining programs simultaneously, it becomes really important to have 4-6 concurrent CNC tasks, therefore Power D or Power A are recommended. Power B, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for managing simple machines that requiring a rather sophisticated HMI interface like edge banders and belt sanding.

Specific woodworking functions:

  • 4 to 6 concurrent CNC tasks
  • CNC macro-functions with high level programming environment

Optimization of the drilling cycle of multi-tool heads

Machining centre and CNC routers


Doors and windows


Panel saws

Saw machines

Edge benders


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