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Italian textiles are traditionally appreciated throughout the world for the quality of the finishes and for the attention paid to details and fashion trends. Tex Automation collaborates profitably with Italian and foreign partners in order to offer advanced technological solutions to be used in cutting, spreading and sewing machines for fabrics.

Recommended Numeric Controls

Given the rapidity of the movements, the Power A, Power D or Power I controllers are preferred, because they manage the drives via the step/direction outputs which allow the use of sampling times lower than those required to manage the axes via EtherCAT.

Specific textile working functions:

  • NURBS splines
  • Management of the compensated tangent axis
  • Intelligent management of the JERK
  • Optimization of performance in fabric cutting machines even at high speeds
  • Blade offset Tool Center Point compensation
  • Efficient algorithms for gearing management
  • High speed PLC macro-functions


Cutting machines

Sewing machines

Washing machines

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