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Discover Power J+

Streamline your application with an ALL IN ONE product

To make wiring your new machine easier, consider using a product that includes a powerful multi-axis numerical control in a single hardware unit , a PLC with both digital and analog inputs and outputs integrated and a touch screen display.

Power J+ is your product!

For applications that require driving up to 4 axes interpolated with the classic +/- 10V, in step and direction or in CANopen, this is recommended.
Power J + provides access to the most advanced controls with a product that is among the most competitive.

Being an “ALL IN ONE” has very compact dimensions and allows you to reduce the electrical panel making modern and attractive the design of your new application or simplifying the restyling of the current machinery in production.

Its basic equipment of 24+20 digital I/O can be expanded both locally, through a cost-effective DIN rail interface, or using I/O via CANopen.

If you have an idea for a new application, please get in touch with us. or explore more about

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