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Forty Years with Tex

Ever since Tex Computer was founded in 1984 as part of Fom Industrie in Cattolica – Italy, we have dedicated our efforts to improving the efficiency of electronic control systems for aluminium processing machines.

Our initial approach of adapting commercially available control boards to meet specific needs proved a winning strategy and, in 1995, led to the expansion of our team and to the creation of a Research and Development centre in Faenza.

This significant step gave us complete autonomy in terms of numeric control and allowed us to interface directly with the productive know-how of Fom Industrie.
We soon realised that, in order to keep pace with technological innovation, we needed to interact with the market while ensuring the development of the product that makes us proud to be part of the Fom Group.

With this idea in mind, we created the Power and Power PLC/CNC family of ALL IN ONE controllers and keep them constantly updated to meet the needs of our client-partners.

Innovation and evolution have always been the driving forces behind our business, from cutting-edge computers in the ’80s, to process automation in an industrial system that is living through a new technological revolution and seeking the right balance between human and artificial intelligence.
To emphasise the efficiency of our development and customer support, we have also updated our image.

Since 2023, the word Automation has been an integral part of our brand and logo.
Our values, however, have not changed in forty years. We are still committed to customer service and like to stand out for our personal and genuinely collaborative approach. Knowing that future developments will be more rapid than ever, we aim to satisfy the latest needs of the fifth industrial revolution.

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