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Web Server: Power controls’ web management software

Web Server is Power controls’ web management software that allows the setup and diagnostics of the controller through any web browser connected to its Ethernet port.

Generally Tex Automation provides a default site on which the most recurring operations are easily accessible, otherwise the client can request or develop a custom made site.

Main features

  • System: provides information on Hardware and Firmware characteristics of the controller, the status of base features managed by the operating system, the essential standards for motherboard configuration and the list of eventual errors reported by the operating system
  • Password: allows the access to password protected features of the system
  • Variable: allows to read or write the variables of the system
  • Status bits: to read bit information of the operating system
  • Parameters: allows to read or write machine parameters
  • Info: to view words information of the operating system
  • Message: to access message buffer
  • Fieldbus: allows a rapid supervision on the efficiency status of networks such as CANOpen, Mechatrolink ed EtherCAT
  • Test: makes the powerful test systems available in the operating system, including a multi-track oscilloscope to calibrate and monitor the axes, accessible remotely
  • News: displays a textual page, easily editable, to keep track of the main variations made to the applicative application program

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