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Power Z – Compact Power

A new arrival in the Tex Automation controllers family, the little Power Z is designed to position itself strategically between machine logic assistance and motion control functions.

This PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) + HMI (Human Machine Interface), with integrated Motion Control functions, is the entry level product in the Power Family.

Power Z is an advanced PLC with Controller functions. While allowing management of sophisticated applications such as the electric shaft, the electronic cam and rapid cuts, it stands out for its ability to remain economically efficient.

With a focus on automations that can be managed through open-ring controlled axes, it can handle up to 3 axes in Step/direction. It is also equipped with a +/-10V analogue output, 2 interfaces for incremental encoders to 5V Line Drivers and the CANopen port. With 10+10 digital I/O fitted as standard, it can be expanded locally using a DIN guide interface with 16+16 digital I/O or remotely via CANopen.

Join Tex Automation and transform your manufacturing process with our powerful solution, created with great attention to space and economic efficiency!

Find out more about Power Z or contact us or a more tailored consultancy!

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