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Stone and Marble Processing

With this first post, dedicated to applications, we will begin a series of practical examples where our controls are successfully used on different types of industrial machines.
Stone and Marble machining are increasingly common within furnishing solutions in which real works of art are sometimes required. For this reason, Stone and Marble processing machines must have ever higher performance and precision.
The NC of the Power Family have been specifically designed to facilitate Stone machining, therefore, they have been successfully used in precision machinery for cutting, drilling, polishing, grinding and sculpturing.

Recommended Numeric Controls

In machining centres, where it is often necessary to execute several machining programs simultaneously, it becomes really important to have 4-6 concurrent CNC tasks, therefore Power D or Power A are recommended. Power B, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for simple machines where a sophisticated HMI interface is required.

Specific Stone working functions:
• Tool Center Point
• Tangent axis to the profile
• Geometric connections of the trajectory obtained with polynomials up to the 6th degree which offer greater smoothly of movement
• Emptying cycles
• Polishing cycles
• NURBS curves (SPLINES)
• Tool correction
• Rototranslation
HMI graphics

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