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The Power of Tex Automation at MECSPE

During the MECSPE Trade Fair in Bologna, dedicated to the manufacturing Industry, we showcased the effectiveness and versatility of the Tex Automation Power Family controllers from our exhibition space within Fom Industrie‘s Area.

We highlighted all the power and benefits of the Power X and Power D+ models at the Tex corner.

Specifically, we focused on the programming flexibility and the variety of configurations our products offer:

  • Power X is a circuit board designed to be integrated directly into the machine frame, offering the advantages of a compact size and optimized costs.
  • Power D+ is capable of managing the motion control of complex machining centers such as the AXEL 5 by Fom Industrie, designed for drilling and milling operations on aluminum profiles. Its main advantage is its suitability for controlling complex machinery with up to 28 interpolating axes, which can be managed both through wired logic and the main types of fieldbuses available on the market.

These are the distinguishing features that show Tex Automation’s attention to detail and innovation. We are excited to share with you all the news features that can truly make a difference to your performance.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Stay tuned to find out more about our next journey!







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