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Travel the Power World with Tex!

We are excited to invite you to discover the potential of our Power platform interactive themed workstations. Each station features two displays: the top PC panel shows a video illustrating the sector, while the panel beneath allows you to interact with our product’s functions using application templates, all with the support of our technicians.

Tower E

At the front of Tower E, you can test the Power W, presented here for the first time. Combined with a new mobile terminal, designed by Tex, it is particularly suited for robotic applications. At the back of the tower, you will find two of our more compact products in our range: the Power B with a 10-inch capacitive display and the Power Z with a7-inch resistive display, both optimized for the process industry and the world of PLCs.

Tower X

In the front area, you will find Power A, our top-of-the-range controller paired with an 18-inch screen and an industrial Wi-Fi keyboard. This setup is ideal for metal chip removal operations with multi-axis ISO file interpreter. On the opposite side of Tower X, we present Power D+, equipped with a compact 15-inch, 28 button keyboard, perfect for the main machining operations in the wood and stone processing sectors. You will be able to manage ISO files, but also macro functions, allowing operators to create standard profiles without the need for CAD/CAM.

Tower T

Tower T addresses two crucial areas: tools that facilitate operations in the various development environments and opening up of the Power platform to standard PLC programming. We will introduce the new PSTUDIO, which further streamlines diagnosis, testing and debugging activities for controllers in the Power Family. For the first time, we also present HMI DESIGN, a tool that allows the creation of Windows PC-compatible graphic interfaces. Thanks to the Power Q control, even operators who do not use Tex programming code will be able to compile application programs from the workstation in Tower T, using the PLC IEC 61131-3 programming standard.

It will be our great pleasure to welcome you to the Tex Automation exhibition space, understand your needs and discuss new projects. We look forward to meeting you!

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